Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dinner 2.27.13

This evening's wonderful dinner specials are...

Cream of Avocado topped with roasted pepitas
Creamy Apple-Carrot Salad sunflower seeds, cranberries, raisins, celery, Vegenaise (cold) (v)
Israeli Bulgur Salad tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, mint, scallions, olive oil, lemon (cold) (v)
Chipotle-Scallion Penne mayo, sour cream, garlic (cold)
Poppy Slaw green cabbage carrots, mayo, sugar poppy seeds, cream (cold)
Enchilada Bake chilies, spinach, onions, cheddar (hot)
Apple, Cranberry + Goat Cheese mixed greens, spiced walnuts, honey-balsamic vinaigrette

Chai Snickerdoodles (v)
Choco Honey Graham Cookies (v)h
Black Cherry Poppy Cupcakes (v)
Lemon Poppy Cornmeal Biscotti (v)
Snickerdoodles (v)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (v)

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