Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dinner 9.10.13

Get out of the rain, and have a delicious dinner too! Tonight we're serving...

VEGGIE PHO tofu, noodles, zucchini, hoisin, ginger, lemongrass (v)
CHUNKY VEGETABLE tomato, carrot, peppers, beans, peas (v)

BUTTERMILK SPELTBERRY SALAD zucchini, radish, fresh dill, scallions (cold) 
CITRUS CARROT SLAW walnuts, raisins, mayo (cold)
BAJA SLAW cabbage, sweet corn, jalapeno, red bell pepper, cilantro, lime, garlic (cold) (v)
MEXICAN BROWN RICE fajita-style bell peppers + onions, tomato, cumin, chili powder (hot) (v)

RED GRAPES, WILD RICE, GOAT CHEESE + HONEY WALNUTS mixed greens, red wine vinaigrette

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